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expressing daily??

hi all

was just wondering can i express 1 4 ounce bottle a day?? i have a 5 week old daughter.

thanks 4 reading my post x


  • You can express as much as you need. They say about 6 weeks is the right age to start expressing but a week here or there wont make a difference. You might find you wont get 4 ounces each time but dont worry, expressing isnt for everyone. What you can do in the same day is express as much as you can and cool it and add it to the others you have expressed to make up your four ounces x
  • i couldnt express last time but this time i can get 3-5oz off, i started to express in the first week alongside BF as i was sore sore and she still accepts both, if i dont get as much as add the next session to it, i keep mine in the fridge in sterilised bottles as we give it when hubby does a feed, you can store in the freezer and add to it too x
  • I expressed from day 3 as my dd was in scbu with jaundice and needed ebm top ups from me.

    I was able to express plenty every day from then on and. like piggypops, we used the ebm for dh to feed at night.

    Good luck

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