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I express milk for my baby boy as for many reasons couldnt cope with breastfeeding, which i wouldve liked. my son is now 2 and half weeks old just coping with getting 3oz bottles but not as often as I should to keep up with him. So I'm thinking I might not be able to give him what he needs when he grows and needs more milk. He can be hungry so been adviced to give him top ups when required of formular milk ans sometimes i have to has I dont produce fast enough for him.

do you think my breast will produce more when it comes to it?


  • Hi,

    I think breastfeeding works on a supply and demand basis. So if you were feeding him directly from the breast as opposed to expressing, he'd change his sucking pattern or how much he feeds to signal to your body that he wants more milk, and your body will respond accordingly.

    So if you are expressing the same each day, it is likely that you will eventually not be producing enough for him.

    Maybe try to increase your milk supply by expressing more frequently, even though you may not get a lot of milk to begin with, your body will pick up that more milk is required - from the pump 'sucking' more at your nipples.

    I think someone else also posted recently on some herbal medicines that can be taken to boost milk supply.

  • You can get a "Nursing Tea" from herbalists/health food shops that can increase supply but I think milk porduction is really down to the baby suckling and increasing the supply on a demand basis (ie feeding more with growth spurts etc).

    Sorry not to have any more advice, not sure what you could do. Maybe phone the NCT breastfeeding helpline for some tips? Or contact La Leche League?

  • You just need to pump for a few minutes afte your run out of milk and it'll increase your supply. You should be pumping every 3 hours.
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