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Aptamil Comfort, baby REALLY unhappy, should I change? Please please help!!


My baby has always been a fussy feeder and it has always been difficult to bring up his wind. The HV told us to try Aptamil comfort, which he has been on since 3 weeks old. However, since it has hit 13/14 weeks each feed has become a nightmare. He needs to be burped every oz or more and it takes ages to get the burp up. He is also suffering more with it and it seems to be really causing him pain. He gets so tired and worked up.

I've tried infacol, dentinox, gripe water, combinations. TT bottles, avent bottles and now we're on Dr BRown. He seems worse than ever! He has moved on to taking 6 oz but sometimes only takes 2 due to burps.

What can I do? What has changed? I can only think to change the milk. Comfort milk is suppose to help this..but it hasn't. Please help!?! Should I try another milk and if so which one?
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