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Help dont know what to do

I cant breastfeed like i wanted too!

Baby has a tongue tie and a very badly bruised cheek from the delivery which stops him from opening his mouth wide. I have large breasts but flat nipples, It just wont work!

Baby is now 3 days old, hospital wernt very helpful with latch problems, after my nipples being shreaded and my baby going hypo because im diabetic i asked for a bottle and have been giving him formula via a bottle.

Feel awful about it as i have all my colostrum so ive been syringing it off when i can and giving it to him only a 1 to 2 ml at a time.

Do i continue to express and get my milk in and use a pump to give him milk i really do know what to do?


  • oh hon, sorry that they have been so unhelpful, my best advice to you just now is to get in touch with a feeding advisor, you should have one in your area (NHS) and they will help. You sound like you really want to bf, so keep expressing and with some help you may be able to get a latch. I have flat nipples too and found that breast shells helped draw them out. Lansinoh will help your poor nipples too. Has lo has the tongue tie snipped yet? its been a bad start but its not over yet, keep up skin to skin and get in touch with someone that can see you, really hope you get some help xx
  • I agree with Jellytots. Contact MIdwife, Health Visitor to ask for breast feeding support. Also look on or call 07770704485 to find out about breast feeding drop ins in your area. I've been to my local one and the volunteers are really helpful & a mine of info. NCT also run a breast feeding helpline 0300 330 0771 open until 10pm.

    I'm no expert but I would think expressing & then you feeding your baby the expressed milk is a positive thing whilst you get some support to hopefully help you breast feed.

    Good luck

  • Spoke to by mw yesterday, and im expressing every 3 hours and topping with formula also going to to the workshop when im up and about abit more. Today Alfie had 30mls of bm and loved it, made me feel really happy.
  • That's great news! I'm really pleased for you. Your commitment to bf is really paying off. Well done! image
  • the bf advisors in our area will do home visits, so maybe see if someone can come out to help you, so you can get some advice sooner. Glad he liked his mummy milk image


    ps funny that your ticker says you still have 2 days to go
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