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3.5 weeks old short night feeds

sorry, feel like im dominating this forum at the moment but seem to have a new question every day!

Henry is 3.5 weeks old now and has a pattern at night - wakes midnight ish, 0330 ish, 0630/0700 ish and then does hourly feeds till about 1000 where he has a longer one. The day varies. I feel pretty lucky that he has a pattern so young (although i know it could change yet!) What worries me is that his feeds varied between 30-45 mins, they still do in the day but the night ones are now only 10-20 mins and he acts completely exhausted as if he can't take more. His nappies used to be wet and dirty at night, now they're just wet although he has plenty of poos in the day.

He settles fine (in fact he sleeps so much i can't believe it - aside from feeds he's only awake from 5pm till bedtime usually - does this sound ok? I feel guilty sometimes i dont spend more time bonding with him but he's always asleep!!) he gained weight on day 5 and again on day 12 and is visibly bigger so i hope this all means its going ok. x


  • He is doing great! My baby is now 5 months and she used to wee and poo all day and night but after a few weeks I noticed her poo's were just through the day. Short feeds mean nothing. If he is having plenty wet nappies, sleeping, contented and gaining weight he is doing brilliantly and so are you. Sounds like you have a good contented baby x
  • Sounds like a normal contented little baby to me! x
  • ah thanks ladies, good to hear. gail 1977 when did your baby start waking more? x
  • our night feeds are much shorter and shes more contented too, goes straight back off to sleep! image dd now only poos once every 2/3 day so thats sounds pretty normal x
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