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difficult last feed - advice needed

hi ladies

i detailed on my other thread that my 4 week old baby is struggleing with his last breast feed at night. All others are fine. But with the last one he gulps, shrieks and pulls off the breast as if in pain. He then desperately wants to go back on which causes the same problem. It seems as if the milk is flowing too fast for him, so ive been expressing a bit off before the last feed which has helped a tiny bit. My breasts feel soft (and there are times when they are much harder and he doesnt struggle) but he still seems to find the last feed painful - so am now wondering if its not related to my milk supply, but maybe to something in his tummy? Doesnt make much sense that hes fine all day, fine the feed an hour before the last one, but after his bath this problem seems to start. When he gets up in the night things seem ok again (touch wood!)

my friend bottle fed her children and suggested infacol - i always thought this was for formula fed babies but could this help a breast fed baby too? Any one have any ideas? Its awful to see him so distressed. After lots of battleing he seems to go on and feed and relax but it takes ages image :roll:


  • hello

    have you tried laying back once hes latched on, this helps slow things a little if you think its a bit fast,

    infacol is for trapped wind, you give before every feed to help bring wind up, itsw fine for breastfed babies but needs to be given at every feed as it has a culmulative effect, personally if its only at one time i would try gripe water

    dd pulls off a lot if she has wind but usually after sitting her up she burps then goes back on fine x
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