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How much breast vs formula per feed?


Last night we gave ds expressed milk. We did 3 oz as this is the amount of formula he used to take at the same time, however he then went on the breast straight after as he was clearly still hungry.

So do they need more breast milk at a feed?


  • i just asked my midwife about this when she called. Apparently there shouldn't be a difference and Connor is being a piglet! So i might just need to express more next time.
  • Hiya tulip

    Alfie is fed ebm via a bottle due to problems with latch and so forth he sometimes takes 3 sometimes 4. So i just make a 3 and then if he wants more just top the bottle up. He also does this with formula at his night feed, little monkey

    Hate him wasting my hard earned pumped milk image
  • its usually the same amount and she sleeps the same amount of time with either too x
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