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Please help, in pain :-(

After a difficult start me and my boy have finally mastered latching on and he's feeding well. The problem is while we were still in hosp we had a real struggle with one breast and I have ended up with a really sore nipple on that side. Although i am still alternating breasts i'm now finding it really difficult to feed off that side as it hurts so much and he's not always easy to get on. It's just so painful i can hardly stand it.

My real question is would it be ok for me to express from that side and just feed him from the good side until my nipple is healed? And if so, how long should i express for, and do i do it after every feed? Just planning to freeze any i get off for now as don't want him having a bottle just yet.

Hope someone can help me.

Nat xxx


  • yup you could do that, i would maybe express every time you feed as that way you will have a natural let down and it will be easier to pump. Smother your nipple in lansioh, you can put it on before you feed aswell as after and it will protect it a bit. Also get someone to check your latch as adjusting it just a little can make a huge difference. I remember that pain, hope you manage to get through it xx
  • Hi,

    As long as you keep draining it then it should be fine.image

    Try some lansinoh as its awesome but go easy with it. The air and actually continuing to feed is the best thing for healing so try to go topless a little if you can or wear a loose t shirt at night etc. I think the milk itself is actually meant to be good at healing so try to rub a little around your whole areola.

    I also had similar issues to you and both my nipples were quite bruised and scabbed over where he drew blood. I continued to feed through it and now they are really pink and healthy looking.

    I'd definitely recommend attending a bf drop in to just check the latch can't be improved even more or even just to boost your confidence more. xx
  • i had bleeding nipples the first week, i found expressing helped as did using lanoish and nipple sheilds, they healed after about a week and i stoped using the shield, still express now though so hubby can feed x
  • My nipples cracked and bled when Mia was 4days old and the pain was horrendous! I kept feeding her using nipple shields for 5days and loads of lanisoh and they healed really well xx
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