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Hey folks,

I put this message on my born in forum, but thought it would be appropriate to ask on this one too...

Just wondering how anyone who expresses goes about it.

Last Sat, I expressed after a feed and got 2oz, which MasterG was happy to guzzle from a bottle in about a minute at his next feed, then I put him back on my boobie to finish the feed and it was fine.

I've been expressing once a day since then (trying to stock up for being away at my cousins hen doo next month) and I've only been getting between 1 and 2oz each time.

I've made my peace with only getting small amounts and it taking a while for me to get the stocks up, but what I'm not sure about it what sort of quantities I need to make.

Based on him taking those first bottled 2oz in such a short space of time, does that mean that he needs much much more than that of a feed?

How many oz does your BF baby take at a feed if you've expressed?

This is making me realise that time away really needs to be worth it to bother with all this stockpiling!

Interested to hear any methods...



  • With expressed milk you know baby has had enough milk when there is a little left in the bottle, at your stage I was making a 4oz bottle and 2 oz top up feeds incase she was still hungry x
  • It is easier to give small quantities and add rather than waste. I used to make a 3 ounce bottle and have 2 ounces on standby in another bottle. If poss try expressing first thing, or whilst feeding on one side. Make sure you drink plenty fluids when you feed and express. Good luck

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