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when does milk production stop?

I don't remember this with my other two chidren but my daughter is now 17 months old, i stopped BF over 6 months ago and i am still producing milk. Whenever my nipples are touched they leak (not great for nooky night)image

Also i still havent had a period, so as good as it is that i havent had one for almosr 2 1/2 years, its strange. lol

Anyone else having or had this?

claire xx


  • Me! Stopped BFing in January but still have a bit of leakage even now I'm pg again (although I supposed that's only gointo make it worse the further along I get). Am sure my milkndried up in a few weeks after stopping bfingnDD1 but 2nd time round they just haven't wanted to dry up... Was slimly worried about a cyst or something but no lumps or anything weird that I can feel. Goingnto mention at my first mw appt next week so will let you know if I find out anything useful( not holding my breath as my mw is useless!).

    Bt AF returned for me at around 6 months when I started weaning DD2 x
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