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BF with a toddler around?

HI everyone, not posted in breastfeeding before but hoping some of you may be able to help...

My daughter is 5 weeks now and, like with my son (now 19 months) we were readmitted to hospital as she wasn't getting enough milk and losing too much weight. After starting on formula top ups in hospital, we have gradually cut them back so that she just has a bit before bed and one top up in the night. I just bf her during the day and evening.

My question is (that was the history!) how do you cope with a toddler too? Baby feeds for anything up to an hour at a time and often wants more less than an hour afterwards. My husband goes back to work on weds so it will be the first time on my own with both of them and I just don't know how it's going to work. MY little boy, whilst generally well behaved, is very demanding and energetic! I don't think it's fair for him to have to amuse himself for an hour at a time.

Also, as I never got this far with bf the first time I don't know much, when do they start feeding for a shorter amount of time and go longer? I keep being told about the 'magic 6 weeks' but not sure how true it is.

Sorry for the long post but any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated!

Peanut and Flo 5 weeks, 2 days x


  • Hi Peanut, today is my 1st day alone with the children as DH has gone back to work. It isn't easy juggling the two, Hannah is another who enjoys regular feeds which can last anything from 20-60mins and come every 1-4hrs depending on the length of feed. Samantha has been quite good so far, coming to sit & watch mummy feed Hannah, looking after her own 'baby' with her doll in her pushchair, or 'helping' mummy by sorting out the changing bag which I use to change them both before feeds. It's finding the balance of time for newborn & time for toddler. Best wishes & hope you crack it.
  • hello

    DS was 18 months when my DD arrived 11 weeks ago, i didnt get past a week with DS due to weight loss so it was all new to me, hubby when back to work after 2 weeks and it was hard, she fed pretty much all day and evening, i did feel bad about neglecting DS but luckily he was quite able to entertain himself and the tv was a godsend, it is only for a short itme in the grand scheem of things,

    i had a rough start with BF and i so wanted to get past that said rough stage, for me that was 8 weeks, she started to feed for less time and go for longer so then i could start to interact with my toddler again, we have had problems with him recently but with all the change its not suprising. i made sure he always had a drink and that meal times were kept as normal as possible (lots of picnic style lunches on the floor!) we introduced a bottle at 6:30pm so hubby could feed her and i could have some time with DS usually bathtime, it does get better and they wont remember x
  • Hey there!

    My best tip for you, is try to provide a distraction when settling down to feed and also work on being able to BF whilst sitting on the floor, that way you can still interact (maybe read a book) to your older lo.

    I've also found that on the 'emergency' occasions when you need to get up and move while feeding - it's not the end of the world and I actually managed to keep MasterG attached to me one time when MissG got hurt at a playgroup and I had to go over to her. Although I imagine that these kind of situations will be harder to get through when the babies get bigger and heavier!

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the replies ladies. I agree that the tv is going to be a necessity for a while, as well as a sling as she's not a fan of being put down between feeds.

    I just hope things do start getting easier in the next few weeks as would hate to go to formula afterall the hard work we've put in.

  • I agree - tv is amazing!! So is setting up playdoh, crayons and her etchersketch!!! I always have haribo, crayons and a mini 'peppa pig' magna doodle in my changing bag which works wonders!! I have been very lucky as elsie is very interested in Flo and loves to watch and involve too - stoking her head or holding her hand when she feeds. Flo also doesn't feed for longer than 10 minutes either, I have a fast milk flow.

    I used to have to feed Elsie for an hour (30 mins on each) but it all got a lot better for us around the 8 week mark. It is a true saying about the 6 / 8 week stage - they become more efficient feeders and your milk supply should increase a lot - and improve your milk flow also.

    I agree with the sling. I have a mei tai and I love it!! So does Flo. It's fab for playgroups and trips to the park with Elsie. I had my friends 2 year old the other day and I had her and Elsie in the swings and Flo in the sling!!! Easy peasy!!!! An essential to and second time mum!!

    Peanut you are doing really well to have got through what you have done and get this far. Things will get better / easier if you persist. But don't put too much pressure on yourself - you can only do what you can do. No one is the 'perfect' mum, but we are good enough as we do our best x
  • Tv is definitely a godsend, both children enjoy watching it :lol: . Other easy things to interact with are books & jigsaws. One other thing my HV mentioned was 'Netmums Treasure Baskets' which could be worth a look into.
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