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blocked duct??

Has anyone else experienced this and what was it?? How did it go??

Flo has been feeding really well since she was born. I've had the usual problems - cracks, blisters and struggle to get milk flo up. But today underneath my right boob is killing me. It really hurts, especially when I lift my arm up / move it significantly.

I can't feel an obvious lump / blockage, and it is not red or swollen?? I have been feeding from it and expressing as it is my good / full boob and this relieves the pain. I'm also massaging it whilst feeding / expressing and using a hot water bottle. But it's throbbing again within 15 minutes of doing any of this. Does this sound like a blocked duct?? It's not engorgement and I don't think its mastitis.

Any ideas what it is or any advise?? Not looking forward to going to bed and the pain when I roll over :?


  • It could be.

    If you've tried all the usual heat, massage and expressing things then maybe you should see your GP, just in case it's the beginning of mastitis.

    In the meantime, whatever you do - don't stop feeding or expressing from it!

    When I had a blocked duct I used one of those infra-red massagers and expressed until it was completely empty. Then I had a bath and massaged it some more and then did the infra-red massage and expressed again. In the morning it was better.

    Hope you get it sorted, I know how painful it is!

    Mrs B xxx
  • Oh honey, I empathise, they can really hurt. Try placing a hot flannel over your boob and letting the milk flow out, cabbage leaves in your bra can also provide relief and you could even try changing your bras as they may not be fitting properly adding to the discomfort. If it persists, def talk to GP/HV who should be able to offer more help on relief.
  • thanks ladies. Continued to feed excessively and express out of that boob throughout the night and it feels a lot better this morning. Going to keep an eye on it and make sure it remains drained!! Fingers crossed it'll ease. Just seem to be producing so much flippin milk!! x
  • Hi

    I sympathise! Mine get quite sore as I tend to be on the engorgement side but I find hot flannels a real help and in the shower I try to massage them a lot.

    If you work from the outside of your boob towards the nipple and do this all the way around it eases. You'll also identify any problem areas you hadn't noticed earlier on.image
  • Empty it once then use it as normal otherwise you will overstimulate it and make it worse. I did this and got one giant boob lol then ended up with mastititus in both image x
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