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Going dairy free - any advice??

So i am exclusively breastfeeding and although my boy feeds regularly he is not putting on weight. He is getting the milk, despite us struggling at first, because i can hear him swallowing, and he has wet and dirty nappies, but his poo is quite watery at times so they think it is going straight through him.

I've been advised he might have some sort of milk allergy, so i am going on a dairy free diet to see if that helps.

Anyone had any experience of this, or advice on what i can eat? Got to cut out so many ingredients shopping is going to be a pain! And the worst of it is i've got to give up chocolate!

Just really hope it works and little man starts fattening up soon.



  • Sorry to hear your baby is not gaining weight. No experience myself but my cousin has a vegan diet which means no dairy amongst other things.

    Some foods you should include regularly are things like nuts, beans, seeds and pulses as they are packed with good stuff. Almonds are high in calcium for example.

    Another really good food is tofu. You can get silken tofu which is very smooth and use it to make a milkshake style drink. Blend silken Tofu, ripe banana, strawberries or strawberry jam for a lovely drink absolutely jam packed with protein, calcium and iron.

    Hope you get on ok and that it helps baby x
  • I went dairy free when I was feeding DD as it really improved her reflux.

    In the carton milk section of the supermarket I found dairy free milk made from oats called Oatly and got hooked on the chocolate one. I used to drink a big glass every day to get my calcium and chocolate fix!

    I also found some dairy free cheese which was ok, but I can't remember what it was called. I also found dairy free chocolate buttons in the 'free from' section of Tescos.

    Other than that I ate as normal and took Pregnacare Breastfeeding supplements.

    When I saw a consultant about it all they pointed out that it's not necessary to drink milk to make milk, and that no other species does. They said as long as I was eating a good varied diet with good quality protein and plenty of fresh fruit and veg they'd be nothing to worry about.

    We BF for 14 months and DD is now 21 months. She has grown out of her dairy intolerance and is absolutely fine.


    Mrs B xxx
  • hi

    I am completely dairy free had to when I was bf my ds2 who has a milk allergy that caused severe reflux and now fot dd as she has the same problem. If ypu read the labels yu wll find strange things with dairy in. If you are cutting out all dairy then it includes whey proteins etc. Milk products are used in a lot of flavouring products especially bbq flavour and chicken flavour.

    We have pure sunflower spread instead of butter - can be bought at most supermarkets. Holland and barrett and other health food shops tend to have a fridge section with dairy free ice cream etc and a nice philadelphia type spread. As for chocolate agasin read the ingredients because you wwill find that some plain chocolate doesnt actually contain any milk products - thorntons plain chocolate doesnt have any but put may contain traces on label because of factory using it for other chocolates. I did find it worked well for my ds2 and is starting to work for dd. You can also ask each supermarket for a list of their own brand and branded products that they sell that are dairy free. Sometimes you ask at customer services other times you need to email/write to them.

    We found milk rpoducts in the strangest of things and then other things we expected to have it in didn't. |Good luck I hope it helps your lo
  • I know what you mean about the strange things that contain milk products, been checking all the labels so carefully already! Thanks for the advice, and the tip about the supermarkets. I emailed them today and tesco have already sent me their list so that's fab. The more i read about CMPI the more i'm convinced he has it due to his symptoms, although they said it'll take a couple of weeks of me being dairy free to start having an effect on him.

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