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weaning baby from breast to bottle???

hey, (also posted in BIJuly and Breastfeeding chats)

due to the HV's all promoting breast feeding i am finding it hard to get advice on how to do combine feeding. I am hoping to wean my DS onto bottles by 6 months so am starting slowly now, he is on 3 bottles a day and the rest of the feeds are from me at the moment.

My question is... he is in no pattern at all with feeds - should I now try to 'make him' get into a feeding pattern, or just go with him and feed on demand as i did with breast feeding???

It's tricky as on one day he'll have a bottle at say 11am, then the next day he's hungry at 9am so then my boobs have no idea when he'll be needing food... is this a problem or will my body just get used to it???

I am finding it all a bit mind boggling... any tips/advice on weaning baby from breast to bottle very welcome.



  • I'm not so sure on the combining aspect of it, because my DS didn't have formula til 9 months, but I know from exclusively BF on demand, that we had no regular pattern of feeds til we had 3 meals solids established. Before that it was just random. gaps were 45mins-3.5hrs between feeds. Doesn't really answer your question tho, sorry!
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