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hi ladies and babies,

I'm using SMA gold ready made milk for my wee boy. I know the milk can be in the fridge for 24 hours once its opened but how long can it be in a bottle and at room temp for? And once he has had some but not finished it, how long can it be kept??

thanks ladies



  • Hi foofanmummy i was always told that you can keep milk for 2hours warm. When i used the ready made milk and i put it in a bottle i kept it in a cool bag and then heated when needed. I think its the same for all brand milk ready made or the powder milk. Hope that helps.

  • 2 hours! still only 2 hours regardless or you're risking things cos of the bacteria and parasites which grow v quickly in milk.
  • I no the cow and gate can be kepted in the carton once opened for 48hrs and in a bottle for 2hrs. Cant say im that I throw it out bang on 2hrs after heating it up 'clean dirt never hurt anyone/fattened a pig' my HV actually told me that but everyone has there own way of doing things. xx
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