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mixed feeding

Hi ladies and babies,

Is anyone mix feeding??

I started this the other day and have decided to express my milk and feed it by bottle as to not confuss my wee boy by switching from bottle to breast.

Just wondering how everyone else is managing mixed feeding.



  • I've expressed today to give my boy some in a bottle to get him used to it, so i can go out now and again. Don't want to put him on formula as don't see the point when i've got loads and it's free! Got 5oz in a bottle and hubby gave it him. He had it all, about an hour after a breastfeed, and was still hungry afterwards so had to put him to the breast anyway as i hadn't expressed anymore yet! It is his hungry time in the evening though.

    Not sure how much babies should be taking at 6 weeks, and finding it hard to find out, can you compare formula amounts to breastfed amounts??

  • Hi, you can't compare breast milk to formula as breast milk is absorbed by the babys tummy about an hour after they have fed so they may start to feel hungry. Formula takes a lot longer and that is why they can go a few hours as it's more heavy and fills them for longer. My baby can take 5 ounces and be hungry an hour later but then sometimes she'll go three hours. Depends on whether they are having a growth spurt or like the first lady said, a hungry time of day. My baby takes a lot more in the evening than through the day
  • Hi,

    We initially breastfed and supplemented with one formula at night. Now we're fully breastfeeding.

    I think because he's so young there was no nipple confusion so I didn't need to feed from a bottle.

    The milk is easier for them to extract from a bottle so initially my son took far more than 'usual' for his age as he didn't twig he was full and was used to feeding longer. My midwife said typically they will take as much breast milk as formula but it is common to take more at first. Also they do go longer on formula as its heavier.

    If they choke on the bottle its usually that they need a slower teat.
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