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Oversupply of breastmilk

Has anyone had this?? Ryan has been diagnosed as cows milk protein intolerance as he was slow to regain birth weight and had loose and bloody stools. I have been dairy free for nearly 5 weeks, but he still has stool issues and is a bit sick after feeds. The blood stopped for about a week but returned coinciding with him leaving longer between night feeds, which leaves me engorged and leaking. I've been researching and am convinced it's oversupply that is the problem, not an intolerance, but how to approach this with my paediatrician as don't want to tell him his job, but do feel we've been misdiagnosed.



  • Hi,

    I think you just have to explain that despite the change to the diet its come back.

    But could it be that his insides are still recovering from working so hard and will take a bit of time to properly settle down?

    Your supply will soon adjust to the lack of demand overnight - we had this too and I sympathise with the engorgement! image
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