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How do you know if my baby is full?

I have a 1 month old and he eats well on the 1st breast, but then when I switch breast he east for a few min and then bobs and routes at it, I keep putting him back on and try for 10min and he does the samething throughout the whole time, I burp him before the 2nd breast as well.


  • is he putting on weight well? if so hes probably full after a few min on the second breast. my son is 14 weeks now and is done with both breasts in 10-15 minutes. i thought this was waaay fast but he has gained and enormous amount of weight and grown so fast that its obviously fine. x
  • sounds like he is nearly full on the 1st boob and only ones a bit from the 2nd. Just make sure the next feed starts on the 2nd one when this happens so each breast gets the best part of the feed alternately. hope this makes sense! x
  • as above and if he is settled then hes probably full hungery babies dont settle for long x
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