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9 month old refusing milk

Hello everyone,

I'm having a bit of an issue with my 9 month old, he is refusing his milk... image

He was exclusively breastfed up until 6 months, when i started introducing solids. We moved very quickly with the solids and within weeks was on 3 meals a day and had dropped all his day time feeds. So only having a breast feed at bedtime (7.00) and first thing in the morning (7.00).

A few days ago he just flattly refused his bedtime and morning feed and hasn't had any milk feeds all day.

I've spoken to the HV and she seems to think that he might just be getting enough during the day. But, after speaking to friends and family they seem to think that it's not right for him not to have any milk feeds at all.

Please help.... what would you do???


  • I have a 3 month old so not hit weaning yet, however, it doesnt sound quite right, is he drinking anything? You need to protect your milk supply for him if this is a blip, have you got a pump to use? Does he seem unwell? Id take him to your doctor if you are at all worried x
  • There is often a nursing strike around 9months, the world is just too interesting to sit and feed!

    Just keep offering it, he'll get interested again soon.

    Pumping in the meantime is a good idea. It'll help build a freezer supply if nothing else!

    Also, perhaps reduce the solids, they're not needed as much as milk is at this age. Or switch to blw perhaps!
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