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anyone use medella electric pump or mam anti colic bottles?

i'm using medella pump in style pump - have only used it twice and both times have got milk in the tubes, the instructions say this can sometimes backtrack by mistake and if it happens to boil in a saucepan for 5 mins, then squeeze water out of tubes and hang them to dry. have done this and sorted it but wonder if there is something im doing wrong to make it happen? When im at work pumping i wont be able to boil the tubes! And i worry about milk backtracking into the machine - ive heard over time this can happen and make it mouldy inside, ewwww. not nice for LO.

Also, using the Mam anti colic bottle cause LO likes the teat - the anti colic bit at the base is a pain though, it has holes in it to supposedly even air flow (whatever that means!) my lo doesnt get colic but he will only take the mam teat - however, after filling it with precious ebm today it appeared to leak from the base and lost some...not very impressed.

Any advice with either of these issues would be appreciated! x


  • I had the same problem with my Tommee Tippee elctric pump - there was a little valve that used to get stuck shut and cause the back flow.

    Making sure it was perfectly upright helped but otherwise I'd listen carefully to the sound it was making and when it started to go up in pitch I knew it was stuck and I could stop in time, give it a bash to free up the valve and then carry on. VERY frustrating.

    I wouldn't expect that to happen with the Medella as I've always thought it's a better pump because it's more expensive.

    Have they got a helpline you could call?

    Mrs B xxx
  • hi monkey nuts, thanks for the help - even though it was ages ago!

    I rang the helpline as was still happening after 8 times using it. They werent much help tbh but later realised it was very simple - i was sitting forward because i didnt want the milk to run down me, and as a result gravity was pushing it into the tube.

    I sat back and no milk in the tubes - yay!

    Also, the lady at medella helpfully told me that i shouldnt boil the tubes in a pan as they may melt and just to put them in a steriliser (WHY then does it tell you to in the instruction book?)

    have to recommend the pump though its completely amazing. xx
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