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help, she wont take a bottle advice please!

Hi all,

My little girl is now 22 wks and I have been only breastfeeding her, I would like to start introducing a bottle to her.

So far we have tried different bottles and other people have tried to give it to her. I don't know what else to do, has anyone got some advice for me.

Many thanks


  • My DD refused to take a bottle and in the end after trying every type of sippy cup you can buy she drank from one of those bottles with a flip up, squashy, silicone straw.

    I'm pleased she didn't take a bottle in the end as she progressed easily to drinking out of all sorts of things and I never had to wean her off a bottle.

    Good luck!

    Mrs B xx
  • I had the same experience as Monkey Nuts. My dd refused to take a bottle, but I introduced a sippy cup when we started weaning at about 5.5 months. She got on best with the basic Tommee Tippee cup but will now drink out of anything. I'm also glad we didn't have to wean her off a bottle.

    My advice would be to start on a cup and bypass the bottle stage altogether. Experiment with a few different cups to see what she prefers.
  • Mine wouldn't take a bottle either and I must have tried every one on the market. I went straight to a sippy cup but at about 8 months, when I had switched over the formula in the day as I was going back to work, she suddenly started taking a bottle. It was a bit less messy than a cup and as I was making up the formula in the bottle anyway, less washing up. I didn't have any problems weaning her off.
  • hi kaz

    my LO wouldnt take one either - we tried periodically from 3 months and finally managed it at 5 months. We'd tried every teat and bottle going too. What eventually worked was getting him to take a dummy (as he really didnt know how to suck on anything other than a breast) then, once he'd mastered this I went and got the MAM bottle and teat as it was similar to his dummy. My mum managed it with me no where around, and LO in his car seat facing her while she chatted to him. The HV said it was important it was more of a social experience - with him facing her and not cuddled so he didnt associate it with the breast feeding experience.

    It was hell trying to get him to do it for so long, then it clicked and hes done it ever since. The HV also suggested NUK teats but i never had to try them. She also suggested running the teat under scalding water so it was warmer, like the breast. The absolute worst thing you can do is try and force it - get someone to have a gentle go every few days.

  • Hi bump buddy! Ryan is also breastfed, but we started with a bottle about 6 weeks with ebm, as i wanted him to learn early how to do it.

    We use Breastflow bottles, they are on amazon and mothercare. They are very similar to breastfeeding and he took to them straight away.

    Is it your breastmilk in the bottles still or are you trying formula? Breastmilk would probably be better as then she's not trying to get used to a new taste too. As others have said, get someone else to do it and leave the room so she can't smell you. I know a girl who's having the same problem and finding it really upsetting as she has to return to work soon, and she has decided to try a cup instead, not sure how it's going but m seeing her this week so we'll see.

    Hope everything else is ok, and good luck!

    Nat xxx
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