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Hi Ladies, I just wondered if I could have some feedback on the government legislation that milk formula companies have to put in their advertising. It says that mothers "should consider the social and financial implications". I have 2 children and was unable to breastfeed either of them. With my first baby, the fact that i couldn't breastfeed was a trigger for my PND. I also know of a mother who was unable to BF her baby and she took her own life. I personally think it is wrong that the government are asking mothers to think about the social implications. I am all for breastfeeding and do believe it is the best, but I do think it is wrong to make Mums feel bad about this.

I would like to see the wording in this legislation changed to let mums know that it is ok to have a choice and not to be made to feel guilty about this decision.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing your responses.


  • I couldnt breastfeed my daughter because I didnt produce milk in any quantity. An hour of expressing to try and increase my flow gave me one ounce of milk and my baby got very frustrated due to hunger. I reluctantly switched to formula on the advice of my GP and HV. One time in Tesco I had spent just over ??50 on groceries and when I paid the assistant was confused as to why a '5p off each litre of petrol' voucher hadnt been printed. I wasnt particularly fussed about it but the assistant insisted on going though my receipt. She then looked at me sympathetically and said 'Im sorry, you are not entitled to the voucher because you have bought formula milk for your baby. We are not allowed to offer incentives to buy these milks because the government say you should be breastfeeding'. The assistant was completely lovely and non-judgemental, she simply explained why I wasnt entitled to the voucher, but I was completely humiliated. I went home and sobbed. I wanted to bf, but my stupid body didnt do what it was supposed to and I felt like a failure. On another occasion a mum at a mum an baby group told me that she has breastfed twins so I had 'no excuse' when I was only feeding one baby.

    I think the 'breast is best' initiative makes many women who cant bf feel like failures, but I do hope to bf my next baby. I just wish there was more support for those of us who cant bf. Whether it is for medical reasons like mine, or just because the woman feels that she can not do it. Breast is only best if mum and baby are thriving. It would be nice if the government recognised this, because in fairness, all of the HV's and my GP did. xx
  • Thank you Glitterbug, I really appreciate your reply. I am hoping to push this matter further, I have a response from the Minister of Health, which backs up the wording of the legislation. They claim that the wording is not meant to insult and they fully back Mothers making a choice, they are simply saying that they need to inform us that breast is best. x
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