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MAM bottle sterilizer

Im looking to get the MAM breast pump and bottles but a bit reluctant to microwave the bottles to sterilize them, i dont trust microwaves that much.  but they dont do their own sterilizer machine. does anyone know any other make that the MAM bottles fit?

thank you image


  • Microwave Baby Bottle Sterilizers Set provides you a more economical and practical new option. This microwave sterilisation set works on the fundamentals of the electric steam steriliser. This sterilisation set is as easy as the microwave cooking that makes all the mothers relieved.

    They have good features like : 

    1. Top grade non-toxic and un-deformable material
    2. Upgrade the economical benefits of the microwave oven
    3. Applicable for feeding bottles of any brands and sizes
    4. Arc shape design without any dead space when cleaning
    5. Very easy to use and operate
    6. Can be use as a microwave cooking ware
    7. Can be used as a feeding bottles storage case
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