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BF after a breast reduction

Hi there, am due our second baby in the next few weeks and I really struggled to BF DS as he wouldn't latch right as I wasn't confident with holding him etc and only fed him a couple of times.  

This time I am much more confident in holding a newborn! haha and I am desperate to BF this time. 

I had a breast reduction in 2005 but not sure if this would affect my supply? I did use a pump (manual) to try and increase and keep my milk flow going with DS and I did get milk coming out but literally only a few drops, is that normal? 

Wanted to hear from any other mums who have successfully BF their babies after a breast reduction to give me hope! got our growth scan today and seeing consultant after so I will ask about my operation and see if my notes can shed some light on if they took many milk ducts away xxx 





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