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breast pumps?

Hello ladies, a little advice please, I am fully prepared to breast feed, however do I need to buy a breast pump now or after baby is born in 10 weeks?also, do you buy manual or electric and do you have to get certain bottles to go with certain kits? and when can baby start to take from a bottle from my husband, is 4 weeks too early?lots of question, im sorry, one more though, my midwife has adviced, as she has other woman to start expressing a 37 weeks and freezing? and baby gets all the goodness easier and there is already a good supply for when baby is born! any thoughts?


  • Hello,

    I brought an electric pump and was given a manual and got on so much better with the electric, its less time consuming and more effective, as for bottles normally you have to get the bottle that come with the pump so they fit.

    I think they say dont give a baby a bottle or a dummy for the first 2 weeks as it can cause some confusion however I gave my little boy a bottle with expressed milk in from 5 days, his now 5 months and im still breastfeeding I didnt have any problems with confusion with him, just remember if he has a bottle you still need to express to keep your milk supply going. I epressed from 36 weeks and had a good supply in the freezer and gave him it via a t-spoon (because of the small amount) I think it made it easier when it came to feeding him as there was milk already there then I topped him up with the expressed milk at night time.

    hope this helps a bit.


  • That helped so much, thankyou muchly, could I just ask which pump did you use, I saw one over £100 which I thought was very expensive!

  • I got the tommy tippy, but I was lucky and got it in the sale from sainsbury of all places. I got on well with it how ever I know medela is a good make, I think you pick up a medela one for about £60, they are expencive but well worth it if you BF for a while.

    Forgot to say before dont use a pump until your milk has 'come in' around day 5 after baby is born or you might over stimulate your supply and end up with engourgement trust me this is painful!!

    Sorry if ive told you anything you already know!


  • I knew nothing! im sure I will work things out once baby is here! if you expressed from 36 weeks did you use your hands or a manual pump ? and you can never know too much!xx

  • Breast Pump With Feeding Bottle Set is designed to help mothers express breast milk. It is light and portable, allowing mothers to use it conveniently. Feeding bottle, bottle cover set and teat are included to make it a practical and complete breast pump set.

  • I use Avent manual pump and have been exclusively pumping for 12 weeks x
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