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Very windy unhappy baby ***help***

Hi I have a seven week old who is suffering a lot from wind and not feeding great due to this. My lo will only take half to one oz at a time and needs winding but a lot comes out of her. I can't only seem to get her to take one or two ozs and she either falls asleep ( unable to wind) or starts to refuse or suck slow ( pushing the bottle out) it takes my 1 1/2 to 2 hours to feed her 4/5 ozs and I've tried the usual remedies. The doc put her on gaviscon but never said if she had colic or reflux she just said it might help with the discomfort of the wind. It's so stressful watching her squirm and cry with the pain and her poor tummy seems to swell. She's not constipated and it doesn't seem to happen only in evenings it can be any feeding time. I'm using infacol also still but was not sure if I should switch to comfort food with colief. I'm using aptimil at the minute but I'm not sure if she has colic or silent reflux cause the symptoms are similar. Has dkny one been through this or have any suggestions


  • Have u tried doc brown bottles...I swear by them
  • Hi,

    Second the Dr brown bottles and I also put my son on comfort formula for this and it seemed to help.

    Hang in there it does get better image

    SB x

  • Hi, I 3rd the Dr Brown bottles, used them with my son and they helped loads. I'll be using them from the word go this time!
  • Thanks everyone I have switched to Dr browns but I have to use no two teats as I'm still using the gaviscon they have made a bit of a difference but my lo is still quiet windy especially afternoons up till 11pm. Doc reckons she has both and has upt her meds so fingers crosses this helps. Doc also won't let me change formula at the min incase that upsets her even more so I have to give her one more week and go back. Lets hope this works. Have any of you tried a cranial osteopath ?? I'm thinking of looking into this.

    Thanks again for your responses
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