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My baby is so hungry!

Hi all. My little boy Alfie is now 14 weeks old, he is on Cow & Gate Hungrier Baby Milk and is having 5 oz every 2 hours from 6 in the morning then sleeps from around half seven til six in the morning. He has a little boiled water in between. The only problem is that he's not gaining any weight. He weighs 13 pound 12 oz and has only put on 6 and 1/2 oz since I had him weighed last three weeks ago. The health visitor wants to keep an eye on it but everyone I tell about him not putting on weight and having so much milk has told me to start him on solids and that it wont hurt him as he's only got two weeks left till he can actually start them.

Has anyone got any advice for me? Any help will be greatly appriciated.


  • hi emma, i actually heard that a baby that isnt gaining weight shouldnt start on solids early as at that age they get more of the sustenance they need from milk. The official advice is 26 weeks for solids so he's a long way off that, i know lots of people start earlier and there is no set blueprint for how a baby should be but 14 weeks seems very early. Could he be having a growth spurt? Like anyone, baby's growth comes in fits and starts so he may have a time period where he plateaus out with his weight, then he has a feeding frenzy which will result in a steeper gain in weight again, this is to be expected round about the 3 month mark. Ask your health visitors advice but it may be he'll do better staying on milk for a while yet and following his natural urge to up his requirements and gain weight on milk.

    just out of interest why does he have water in the night rather than milk? This could be filling him up with no nutritional value. he might need the night feed at the moment as he's still quite young.

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