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dairy intolerant


I haven't posted on this forum yet.

My second son is now 8 weeks old and has been diagnoised as being allergic to dairy, I have now been avoiding dairy for 3 weeks and have seen a definate improvement with Louie, however, I am finding my new dairy free diet very difficult. I was so desperate to breastfeed as with my first son I struggled and didnt get any further than day 5 before giving him a bottle. I even took herbal medicines towards the end of my pregnancy to bring my milk in which seemed to work and breastfeeding is going really well.

I am so torn, part of me wants to carry on and I feel selfish for even considering stopping just so that i can eat some cheese and have some milk in my coffee!!! The other part of me thinks I have tried to cut out dairy and done 3 weeks which is more than some people would do.

Please help me!!! x


  • Hiya, my son was diagnosed dairy intolerant at 3 weeks. I gave up the dairy and it did the job. Kept it up til about 8 months, then gradually reintroduced it to mine, then his diet once i stopped bfing at nearly 1 year. It is hard at first, but you get used to what you can and can't have. Find something treat like you can eat that wil encourage you when you're feeling rubbish - i got obsessed with chocolate oatly and fake hobnobs from sainsburys! Chocolate oatly is the way forward, i still have it now. I can't have milk in my tea now as it tastes weird to me! Cheese was a hard one as the fake cheeses are rubbish, and eating out can be hard, but most takeaways have menus online which tell you the content. Good luck, let me know if you need any advice.


  • Thanks for your response! I have decided that I am going to stop this week but will express for a week until after our visit to hospital to confirm he is allergic to dairy. I just cant seem to get over not having dairy feel really bad and guilty though!


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