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Baby refusing breast

Hi there everyone. I'm new here. I'm having a bit of trouble and need some advice please. I have been breastfeeding my nine month old exclusively. I used to give her a bottle too, when she was first born up to about a month old, but found I was making a lot of milk so stopped the bottle. Abigail wakes up every night for milk still. Though I think it's more of a habit and comfort thing for her. I tried to give her a dummy on a number of occasions, but she refuses. For night time only. I tried giving her one again today, so that she can have it in her cot, but since this morning, she has refused point blank to breast feed. She just looks at it and cries. Have I ruined it? Will she breastfeeding again? She refuses the bottle and though i have and will keep trying the sippy cup, she doesn't much like it. Though I know that is the way forward. I'm scared that she will keep refusing breast. Or am I being over dramatic and she will drink when she's hungry. Please, all advice is much appreciated. Many thanks Catherine cx


  • Hi Catherine,

    At 9mths old it is highly possible that your little girl is teething & that discomfort can sometimes affect their eating/drinking habits.  Try not to force the issue with her but continue to offer her feeds/drinks at certain intervals she will take when hungry/thirsty.  Best wishes.

  • Thank you so much KazzieM,

    Sorry it took so long for me to get back.

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