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Am I the only one??

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I'm starting to prepare myself for life with a baby.

But am I the only one who wants to express exclusively?? I think I would be a lot more comfortable with this and I love the fact that hubby gets to spend that quality bonding time with bubs too. Also think I would prefer the piece of mind of knowing exactly how much bubs is getting.

I have trawled forums looking for advise on what pump to buy and any other advise really but I cant seem to get any further other that to buy an electric one.

If anyone has any advise at all on this it would be greatly appreciated



  • I expressed for my son as he wouldn't latch after a difficult birth. The medela swing pump was fantastic x
  • My friend breast fed her first but didnt like it, so expressed with her second. She didnt last as long as she said it was so much harder. I am a peer counsellor and I have a lot of women who worry about how much their baby is having. What you need to remember is, if you give your baby as an example a 3 ounce bottle of breast milk and your friend gives a 3 ounce bottle of formula your baby will be hungry quicker so you wont always be able to set the normal 3-4 hourly feeding routine a bottle fed baby has. 3 oumces of breast milk can be digested after about an hour. Baby may still be settled but if not, you will need to feed again. Formula is harder to digest so takes longer. Good luck if you do it this way, but just remember don't get hung up on ounces. If your baby is having 6-8 wet nappies a day, is content and gaining weight, that is what a mum who breast feeds goes off. Good luck!

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