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Dreamfeeding a method of tanking up the baby at night without waking the baby. The dreamfeed is usually conducted between 10 or 11pm, before the parents go to bed. Since the baby is essentially asleep or very drowsy during the dreamfeed, the baby's sleep is uninterrupted and promptly returns into deep sleep after the feed. The purpose of dreamfeeding is to minimize nightwakings and disturbances caused by hunger. The sleeping baby stays in the crib throughout the dreamfeed. Gently wedge the nipple of the bottle between the baby's lips. This and the taste of milk will usually induce the baby to drink. If the baby is too sleepy, gently rouse the baby a little by rubbing her cheeks or chest etc. Ensure that there is sufficient breastmilk or formula in the bottle, as insufficient milk may frustrate and wake the baby. No burping necessary.

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  • Hi have tried this once but burped her. As shes suffered from colic and reflux i always worry about her having wind, is it okay not to burp and why? xx

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