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should i change my babies milk to stage 3 at 4nd half months?

my baby boy is a big baby and fed every 2 hours so i changed his milk to stage 2 at 2 wks old. he is now eating breakfast, dinner and afters and sometimes supper, he doesn't always drink much milk during the day, roughly 4/5 oz. he is still waking during the nights for his  bottles, he has 2-3 bottles and drinks 5-7 oz a night. i am wondering wether to move him to stage 3 just yet. i am aware that the milk states frmo 6 months  onwards.

any advice please?


  • There is no need to move your baby onto stage three milk at any time. The milk was purely invented so that they could advertise formula as they are not allowed to advertise 1st milk. I only used it because my lo was on comfort milk for wind etc. and i changed to stage 3 because it was cheaper.

    The formula is designed to supplement weaning and has the nutrients that a 6 month+ baby needs. It is probably too soon to change him.


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