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Feeding frenzy! When will it end

Hi. I'm new to this forum and I am looking for some support. My 12 day old dd had problems bf at first due to a poor suck. Although she was term, she was a low birth weight and slightly jaundice. However after a week she cottoned on and has literally not left my breast, particularly at nights. Last night she started cluster feeding at half two in the afternoon and didn't really stop until half six this morning. She may have got about 3 hours sleep in between but that's it. She falls asleep at the breast, then when I put her in the Moses basket she screams blue murder. I know it is normal for babies to feed a lot at the beginning of bf but this seems extreme. I also need assurance that this will end at some point as I'm knackered! Sometimes it makes me feel so down.


  • Hi pity noone answered youimage my baby was born around the same time but had silent reflux. .he fed nonstop,comfort feeding as well as hunger!! How're you doing now?
  • I'm the same lilmo, my baby is 12 days old today and ive probably had 2 nites sleep since shes been born, all that keeps me goin is the knowledge that it does end around the 6-8 weeks mark, and wen u get there u feel so proud of urself of hanging on, so please don't b discouraged and hang in there!!!

    Btw this is my fourth child so I kno how ur feeling and where ur coming from.......but it does get easier!!!

    All the best
  • help! my baby is 7 weeks old in 2 days... he is ebf. when he was born he had a perfect latch but was a sleeper at the boob. he ended up jaundice really bad. after that we struggled with weight gain issues until 5 weeks old. he was born 7 lbs 10 ounces and is only now 8 lb 6 ounces. I was giving invalid info by a lac consult to give 2 bottles of formula a day for extra calories but not to pump during that time... it's been a week and a half since I stopped the formula. now my milk supply is all wrong. the last week and a half I've been nursing him whenever he wants... problem is its 24/7 and making me crazy, I nurse 15 minutes on each side ( waking him constantly after the first 7 mins because he gets lazy and sleepy). he finally falls asleep after the 30 minutes Abe wakes up
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