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No brestmilk at all not one drop 12 weeks pp

My baby has lost 1kg since birth hardly any poos or ewes ,and my breasts are not even sore full or nothing I am trying to breasted 15 hours a day my body aching n hurting so much needing chiropractor testament daily.still no milk have tidied fenugreek,lots of water ,oatmeal and madecine from the Docter ?don't know what to do why is this I am so tearful x


  • Bella,a happy mummy = happy baby! You have tried, oh my you have tried so don't be sad and put your baby on formula, there is nothing wrong with that, it's not poison! , if you carry on you are going to miss so much with your baby, don't know why it's happening but I think if you except that its not working and move on you will feel better. X
  • Ohh I am so glad someone has finally said it is ok ,the baby has screamed for 3 months solid ,I am so badly injured two discs have come out in my neck trying ,tearful,felt so guilty it has been the worst experience of my life all of it xxxxx I am now going to try formula xxxxxx
  • In theory skin to skin contact with baby should encourage your milk but sadly each of us is different, some of us will have no problems breastfeeding whilst others will struggle through mental & physical torture trying to perfect the art.

    You are now several weeks on & both you & baby are starting to feel the effects.  There is no shame in formula feeding, what matters is the health of you & baby.  Best wishes

  • Ive had two children and only managed 6 weeks on both. Very upsetting but once you put them on bottle you wont know yourself image I found I started to get a routine and thought that i had tried my best and they say the first few weeks are the most important time. Well done on doing 12 weeks xx
  • Well after 12 weeks of trying and not one drop ,I have finally given formula my baby cooed is happy and done a poo which has been rare since birth apart when I give water .I just feel incredibly guilty that I tried too long with this whole breastfeeding thing made my child suffer ,and had an incredibly unhappy first 12 weeks of his life with contestant stress.I wish I never made him suffer like that and lose all that weight his weight now is only 1.9 kg was 2.9 kg at birth ,wish someone told me to stop trying earlier instead of keep trying at the risk of my baby's health.
  • Bella, stop beating yourself up, you did what you thought best for baby which is what any good mummy does.  You gave breastfeeding a real shot at the recommendation of most health officials but have now decided that formula maybe better for the two of you & hopefully both of you will feel much happier going forward.

    There are lots of times in future where you'll need to try a variety of methods to find what works for you (weaning, play groups/nurserys, bath/bedtime routines, potty training) sometimes you'll crack it 1st time & others you may need to try several times before getting it right.  You aren't doing it wrong, you aren't being cruel nor unkind, you are learning with your baby.  Best wishes & keep up the good work.

  • Nicely said there kazzie m thanks for the positive words that make total sense ,it is a learning curve and each situation is different for each family xxx
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