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aptamil hungry baby milk

hi all i just gave liberty 5oz of aptamil hungry baby i am a little bit concerned it will make her constipated she already go's every 3 days for number 2 and also can it make her fat or do the opisit and make her less hungry so make her lose waght she is only 8 week old she was having feeds all the time and using the bottle to get to sleep and crying alot do u think i have done the right thing using the hungry baby milk


  • Hello Zoe, why hungry baby why not increase the oz of normal formula? I used the hungry baby aptimal for my boy on his last night feed as he was breast fed throughout the day and he was so miserable he didn't poo for 7 days! Very unlike him! And really stinky wind, I put him back to the 1st one. Is she draining the 5 oz? It made Oscar no less hungry unfortunately, and in regards to her being fat don't worry about that, they all even out in size. Have you tried a dummy?
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