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breast pump???

Need advice on breast pumps, cant belive how expensive electric ones are! what i want to know is...

are they worth spending the extra money on?

are manual pumps harder to use?

which is the best one?

thanks image any feed back would be much appreiated 


  • Hi Supersquish,

    Generally Breastpumps will be tailored to fit with certain brands of bottle so ideally you want to make sure you have a pump that matches with the bottles you are using.

    Manual pumps are easy enough to use, some people just[email protected]'''''''''''''''fer]prefer electric owing to the amount of time you may need to spend pumping.  Again depending upon your area some maternity wards will hire them out to you which can reduce costs.

  • Aaahh ok, well was only planning on expressing so my partner could bond with baby, he works nights so i could also get a couple of hours extra in bed when he comes back from work image So will probably only express 3 bottles max a day....Ive also hear that your milk is diffrent from night to day and can have extra soothing propites at night??? xx

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