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Bottle feeding how much for a newborn!?

Hi I'd love a bit of advice. I'm a FTM am concerned about how much formula I should be feedin my newborn. She is 5 days old and was drinking 2-3oz every 2 hours. However now she is draining the 3oz bottle so I'm thinking I should increase to 4oz but am worried that is too much considering she's still waking for a feed every 2 hours. 

What should I do ?! Thank you! Amy. X


  • Hiya my daughter was the same. I'd say if she still seems hungry after finishing a bottle then increase it, it's of no benefit leaving her hungry and you'll definitely know about it if she is! My little girl in now 9 weeks and supposed to be having 6oz but only manages 4 so I think its just down to the individual and how theyre feeling/growing etc. You'll know if shes had too muvch because she will bring it all back up over you.


    Try not to worry it gets easier image x

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