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Large nipples?!?!

Hi guys. I am only 26 weeks yet but im getting more and more anxious everyday knowing what's to come in a couple of months, having had 3 kids already. But my major concern is being told after third baby that none of my children would take to the breast because I have a "larger than average nipple" and my baby's mouths were just too small to latch on properly.

after failing to breastfeed my first 2 for as long as possible I tried my best with my third, and after a hectic 3 months of expressing and sterilising and feeding and washing, my daughter finally took to the breast and I had the best experience for the next 5 months exclusively breastfeeding. 

Howevet now I have 2 kids at school and one at nursery and then they all go to mosque, so I'm just getting more and more anxious and worried that what if this baby doesn't take to the breast straight away either, there is just no wat that ill be able to do all the expressing and feeding like last time, because there won't be that much time to spare..........and having family that look down upon people who don't breast feed especially doesn't help matters, especially when my mother in law lives with us and will be constantly keeping an eye on me............

I just wondered if anybody else had the same problem and how they handled it?and I would really appreciate any advice on how to overcome the "big nipple issue" please

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