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Sleeping through the night

Have to share this info incase it works for anyone else! My little one is 14 months and would not settle in his cot, we tried everything to no avail . The breast feeding has been an obvious obstacle in this process as he tends to fall asleep during the last feed,all s fine while holding him but the second his little head hits the cot the screaming abdabs begin. Yet he ll sleep in our bed but of course he can smell the milk so wanting to graze all night Aaaaargh. So let me share with you my discovery and let me know if it works for you too. About 2 weeks ago when the weather changed I decided to put a hot wated bottle in his cot where his head would lay to make it lovely and warm, I put a pillow underneath his fitted sheet to raise his head like in my bed, as soon as bath and feed were finished I remove the water bottle and he's gone to sleep from 8 till 6 am it's like a miracle , yippee I may have to change my username Here's to a good nights sleep, good luck to you all


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