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Breastfeeding an 8yr old? What are peoples thoughts?

I saw this recently and wnated to know others thought on this?

Full Documentary - its an interesting watch.



  • Not my cup of tea, but each to their own I suppose. 

  • That is wrong on so many levels and I think that woman needs serious help! It is not normal to breastfeed an 8 year old and there is no medical reason why she should be doing so. The only thing she is going to do is cause serious mental harm! Some may even go as far to say it's child abuse. And by sticking it in a tv documentary - even more stupid - the child will be vindicated forever more and now that video is on the net it will follow her for the rest of her life! Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

  • * sorry i didn't mean vindicated I meant bullied (blooming baby brain!) 

  • Yeah I agree it's not normal is it x

  • Yeah I also agree!! I was like what am I even wtaching at points! ahah

  • Definitely agree to this.

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