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Which make of formula?

I was curious to know what make of formula you will be using or what you used for your little one. Ive been looking at the websites recently and comparing but i think i will be using Aptamil.


  • I use cow and gate it's made by the same people as aptamil but it's cheaper, it's practically the same formula. I used sma with my first but found it was really greasy and absolutely stunk! It's more expensive now aswell x

  • Ive just gone and brought some Aptamil powder image

    Also brought some of the ready made in the bottles to take with me to the Hospital so not having to faf around and get the midwifes to make one up for me. Hopefully they will be ok with me using them. The midwife at my antenatal class mentioned them so thought id buy some xx
  • I was in for 3 days and when I did cave in and ask for a bottle at 3am one morning they gave me one of those ready made ones with the teats so they'll b fine. They had a cupboard full on the ward x

  • On the tubs and bottles it says breast milk is reccomended and to only use this if a midwife/doctor etc has said so?!

    I told my midwife though on the day after seeing my HV as i had a appointment with her as well that im not breast feeding and she said thas fine its entirely up to me. So this formula will be ok to use wont it?

    Sorry if a daft question lol just obviously new to it all image x
  • I agree with LH. I breastfed dd but when I weaned her I started to use aptamil until I realised c&g was made by the same people and ingredients is the same, plus about ??2 cheaper.

    It's perfectly fine to bottle feed from birth if that's your choice. They have to put that on the packaging to meet government guidelines as they want everyone to breastfeed but it's not suitable for everyone. Hope this helps.
  • Thank you image x
  • Yeah they have to sell it almost as a medicine don't they it's nuts, you can't even get clubcard points when u buy it and it's never on offer cuz they're not allowed to! C&g has just gone up by 50p x

  • I use aptimil, I wanted to breastfeed and bottle feed, and this was the perfect milk to do that, I never ended up breastfeedimg though, but I just stuck to the aptimil as LO seemed settled on it image they gave me ready made bottles in the hospital when I have him. They had every brand, they left two at a time in our room and I just asked for more whenever I needed it image xx
  • How on earth do you figure out what to use? Not like you can compare them for quality like say, crisps or meat or something. Interested to know how you ladies figured out what was best x

  • They are all very similar, some people just have preferences! Your baby usually chooses their own, they might not agree with certain ones, my lo just took to aptimil from day one, some mums have to try them all to see what baby is more happy on! X
  • I went for c and g purely on price and recommendation from a friend. That and I can't stand the smell or greasiness of sma! X

  • Ah thanks ladies. Just had a quick look on the asda site and the C&G is cheaper. I will see what happens but Will try the cheaper brand first and see how baby W takes to it. 

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