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Ow! I think I have it in one side I'm expressing not latching her on any tips I really don't want to give up giving seren my milk


  • Dangle your boobs. Lean forward to express so your boob hangs down it makes.the milk drain evenly so you don't get one area building up. Before you express put a warm flannel on the sore area and massage it. You.can also use savoy cabbage that has been in the fridge to cool them it's meant to draw out toxins.
  • Hi hun , I second the cabbage leaves , have had it twice , 1st time didn't know what was going on , felt like full on flu , had to have antibiotics , 2nd time did the warm flannel n savoy cabbage leaves , it helped try n express as much as you can as helps to relieve the pressure , hope you feel better really soon n you're otherwise getting on ok x x 

  • cabbage leaves were great.. smelled awful though lol image Its all good advice the ladies gave you its what was recommended to me xx
  • Thanks ladies I felt like I had full on flu so I went and got antibiotics from out of hours clinic. I'm trying to express lots and lots but to be honest I'm not getting much out.
  • Hi

    Make sure you keep feeding it expressing. Baby will be the most efficient method.

    When I had it I used warm flannels to let down a bit as I was so full and then out baby on.

    I actually had a blocked duct at the end so I kept massaging downward from the too to the nipple to clear it. In the end the only thing that got it was my son! Lol

    Best if luck and hope the antibiotics work. I know how bad it can get. We were almost hospitalised as it had gotten so bad.
  • our choice was to only express due to her time in scbu it ment we could get her sucking reflex sorted very quickly. the antibiotics are working thank god!!!! im even starting to get a bit more out but still not enough for our little piggy!! shes put on 7oz since she came home!

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