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Is this still out of style?

Hi, I'm new here and I have a brand new baby and a large quantity of milk, and my sister also has a baby girl roughly the same age, and I have wetnursed her baby when she has had to go work and she sometimes has a date night with her hubby, and I babysit and I get permission to wetnurse, but I'm unsure if I'm doing something out of the norm, or do people actually do this these days still? I know back in the old days, they used to do this all the time, but I have a HUGE quantity, and it immediately calms the baby down. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated! Thank you..image


  • I think if it's working for both of u and ur babies then why not? I don't think it's massively common anymore and if I'm honest it's not personally my cup of tea but like I said if it's working for you all then I don't see anything wrong with it at all x

  • if both you and your sister are happy why not is what i say! i know they used to get mums with plenty of milk to donate to prem units and i think in america its more common.

  • Has anyone else wetnursed lately?  I just feel like I'm all alone, but I read so much about it..but it always gets negative feed back. I don't want to be the only

  • I have to admit that I've never personally met anyone who's said they do this but good on you for doing this. I donated milk but not sure how I would feel about actually physically breast feeding a baby that wasn't mine but I would never look on anyone who did it negatively. It's a shame that you've experienced negativity. You need to do what works for you x

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