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Hi my son was born 2/16/14 and weighed 6.15 and he now weighs 10.11 my doctor is concerned about his weight cause he so long and very skinny he is 25 in a half inches long and he told me to mix formula with my breast milk this will not confuse my baby will it :'( and if not is there a good feeding pattern so me and my baby can still bond


  • hmmm my lo is 17 weeks and is only 3lb heavier than ur little boy and is exclusively formula fed so I wouldn't have thought he was really underweight. Never heard of a doctor telling u to mix formula and breast. The prob is when u start introducing a bottle of formula your milk supply may decrease unless u express a bottle when he's missed a breast feed. My lo always switched between bottle n breast really well as I did 50/50  fir the first 2 weeks x

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