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Any experience in Soya Formula?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows whether you can get the little ready made bottles of formula but in the soya version?



  • Hi, hope I can be of some help. Bad news is they don't come ready made. Some info for you. I don't know how old your lil one is but soya should not be given under 6months of age. Also if it's being used for a replacement due to an ALLERGY not intolerance it should not be given as it can also cause a reaction.

    My dd has a severe milk protein allergy and was prescribed a hypoallergenic milk from the GP as a baby.

    I don't know your circs so please don't take offence to the above. This is just info I have from Drs, dieticians and 5yrs experience which may help you. These alternative formulas can be v expensive and not that great Where as much better prescribed milks are available from GP.
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