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How long do bottles stay sterile for when out of sterilizer?

I have a tommee tippee electric sterilizer and wondering if anyone knows how long bottles stay sterile for when out of sterilizer? I have checked all instructions but there is no indication as to how long they will stay sterile for and how to store them.

needing to know for when my baby has a sleepover at her granny's and I send bottles over for her to make up.

any replies would be appreciated, thank you!


  • Hi Cher

    I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question (you prob need a microbiologist!) I might be wrong but I always thought bottles stayed sterile until you took the lid of the steriliser.

    If you don't fancy lugging your Tommee Tippee one over to Granny's, one of our MFM reviewers seemed to really like the portable Tesco Travel Steriliser featured at the top of the list here:

    Hope that's helpful!

  • It's 24hrs if you leave them in the steriliser but as soon as you take them out its 12hrs. 

  • Thank you for your replies been really helpful! :)

  • Bit late responding here but the MAM self sterilising bottles stay sterile for 48 hours after sterilising according to their staff at the baby show. Not sure about other bottles but I do tend to use mine in rotation within 24 hours

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