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Breastfeeding second time around?


I'm due my second in the autumn and hoping to breastfeed this time around. I'm getting very anxious about breastfeeding but being able to spend time with my toddler as well (he will be 2.5). Obviously I know this will be possible but hormones are making it hard to think straight. I've been reading up on breastfeeding and know that they can feed up to every hour until breastfeeding becomes established...and I'm worried that my older son will feel left out and that Ill just be feeding all the time. Any suggestions/advice welcome..especially from mums who have breastfed successfully  the second time around. 


  • In the early days you are feeding a lot of the time. The key is to get the other child involved. I am due with our second in July and DD will be 2. She was bf until 15 months. She fed every three hours for an hour at a time when she was a baby, although you're right that some babies feed every hour to start with which is perfectly normal. 

    I plan on getting DD involved with reading her books whilst I feed. I also learnt to feed whilSt the LO is in a carrier so I can still walk around or do stuff. 

    Bfing isnt easy to start with but it does get easier. Just try and keep the toddler involved with 'helping' pass you wipes and stuff with changes and choose clothes for baby. And make sure you spend plenty of time with the toddler when the LO is sleeping and the toddler is awake image

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