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my daughter is 4 months and drinking 8oz sma bottle fed every 4 hours but has started being sick after finishing the whole bottle. Was wondering if putting her on hungry baby sma would stop this? She is hungry but clearly can't keep it all down as her tummy is full. I'm a first time mum is there any advice at all please??? X


  • Hey, I have two kids, both bottle fed - the second one was a real puker!

    So it could be a number of things...first question is, has she always been quite a vomiting baby? if it's just a recent thing, then she might be over feeding - You could try slowing the milk intake, so give her a few oz, then burp her - if she's bringing it up after just a few oz, then you could think about moving to hungry baby formula as it's a thicker formulation, but it can also cause constipation.

    Maybe cut back her intake just an oz and see if that makes a difference too, but try to hold back moving her to hungry baby formula unless she can't keep any down.

    let me know how she does?

  • Thank you very much. She has never been a sicky baby so I will try burping more regular during a bottle. Thank you again 

  • Sounds to me like she's over feeding for sure then. What teet size is she on too? She might be taking her milk too fast too, so i reckon just slow it all down a little.

  • I changed her to number 2 as she was getting bored so she on number 2

  •  No i think you're right, number 1 teet would be way too slow for her

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