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15 day old

My baby cries all the time. its so hard to get her to burp as well. She's only 15 days. I get really nervous when she falls asleep Without burping. Some days she sleeps for an hour and wakes up crying and when I feed her, she drinks even when she had milk an hour ago. Is  this normal? What can I do to make her happy. 


  • Hello, my daughter was a bit like that. All babies are different so I wouldn't worry unless baby isn't gaining weight appropriately.  What I would suggest is speaking to health visitor as they can assess you and baby and give support x 

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  • Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. You're doing a fantastic job. I agree with Sunny5, every baby is different. My first child fed for more than an hour at a time then basically pooped it all out, then wanted to feed again as she was hungry. She had a lactose intolerance and it took me a while to get the balance right, so there was lots of crying (baby AND me). I thought things would be different with my second child but as she was a bigger baby she was more hungrier, and fed constantly! I am now on child number 4. I often feel like daisy the cow, and that I am never away from feeding but some babies cluster feed just so they can go longer between feeds at a later stage. You will learn to read your daughters cues. Don't get yourself stressed about it. It can be hard, and very demanding at times, but you will get through it.

    You haven't said whether you are breast or bottle feeding? When breastfeeding, my son very rarely burps. However, he has a lot of wind if I use a bottle. If your daughter suffers from excess wind, then things like infacol or colief are great. You may find that your daughter is waking up after an hour due to wind, and may not be hungry for milk but the sucking action helps alleviate the wind? Or, as previously mentioned, she could be cluster feeding which is perfectly normal.

    Your daughter is only 2 weeks old and it is a learning game for her too. Try not to get to upset about it. Your health visitor should pick up if there is anything wrong with your daughters weight checks, and should be able to help and support you.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks a lot. That help a little bit. I get really nervous. my husband says I shouldnt panic so much. But sometimes it just happens. I bottle and breast feed. i try to pump so she gets mostly breast milk than formula but sometimes I don't get enough milk. 

  • Breast milk is easier to digest than formula so breast fed babies feed more often. Every couple of hours ( or less) is normal so there is nothing to worry about.  Your daughter is feeding on demand but will get into a better routine as she grows and feeds will be further apart. Breastfeeding is really demanding.....physically, emotionally and mentally. It can be a challenge as you may feel all the responsibility lands on your shoulders but you are doing a fantastic job. Don't give up. Please don't think that as you are not able to express a lot of milk that you are not producing enough.  Sometimes it just depends on the power of your pump and whether you are using the right size of shield to fit your breast. It needs to fit properly to get the most from you (just the same as your baby needs to latch on properly).  depending on the model you use, you may be able to purchase different size shields.  Milk flow also varies depending on what time of day it is. It is recommended to pump first thing in the morning as breast are fuller but that only counts if your baby has slept for longer periods during the night and you have a build up of milk in your breasts.  The best milk is produced between midnight and four am as it will contain more calories. This is what fills up your baby more. Remember as a breastfeeding mum you need extra calories to counteract what your baby takes from you. If you eat and drink plenty, your milk will have more nutrients and your baby will get what they need.  All new mums are guilty or running about after their babies that they forget to look after themselves!  I have breastfed all my children (until they were 2) and there are times that I can pump and not get a lot of milk.  The key is to relax, and not get stressed.  Remember to look after yourself, and you will learn to read your body to find the best time to express. Good luck x

  • Hello 😊

    My little one did that too for a few weeks. I found that baths and tummy massage helped him a lot. And also sleeping on my chest during the day (skin to skin, only his diaper on). Try and relax (I noticed that he was really fussy if I was stressed). Try and eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Go out for a walk everyday. I have a baby carrier and we love it. 

    I hope it gets better soon. I remember I felt on another planet for the first few weeks but you soon get the hang of it. 

    Take care xxx 

  • Oh, and if you want to breastfeed - just wanted to say it will get better! It took a month for us to be comfortable with breastfeeding. Just be careful that your milk supply might get low if you top up with formula. And formula might be harsh on your baby's tummy. There is nothing wrong if you want to formula feed, but you could try breastfeeding only to see if it helps your baby. One of my health visitors advised that if you breastfeed, you should do that exclusively for the first month or 6 weeks until your milk supply is established. Good luck xxx 

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