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15 weeks and baby rice

Hi I was wondering if anyone could advise me my 15 week old was diagnosed with silent reflux and we tried everything and it just made her worse so my GP suggested baby rice as it's been known before to help so I have and since she has been so content but was told by my health visitor today I was being unfair to my child as she is not developed properly yet who should I listen to as GP is higher than health visitor surely I don't want to harm her bup she seems content 


  • Firstly not all the health visitor says is fact some of it she has to say to save her own back should something happen... i.e they say co sleeping is bad but i have done it with both my girls and find it to be safer as it calms her and i have had no problem with doing it.. 

    As for the baby rice health visitors say not to give food types to baby until 6 months.. thats a load of poo! i had my eldest on baby rice at 3 months as she was a very hungry baby and milk wasnt enough for her, so i had her on rice and rusk by 3 months i didnt start her on food types till 4-5 months and she is now 6 years old and perfectly fine infact she eats better then most kids her age.. 

    if you feel your baby is happier since you have had her on baby rice then stick with it health visitor can advise you but they CAN NOT tell you what to do.. also now you have started her on it you shouldnt take it away from her as her appetite will be bigger now and like my daughter milk alone wont be good enough for her.. 

    just no you are doing a great job the doctor would not advise you if it was dangerous you as her mother no her best allot of babies cant just live on milk for aslong as they advise i believe that is what makes a fussy eater :) x

  • Thank you makes me feel a lot better as she really did make me feel like I was abusing her by feeding her I walked out of there quiet ashamed as she said it in front of a load of people I was quiet embarrassed 

  • She has no right to do that she is your child allot of them are like that but allot of what they say is a load of rubbish... if you wasnt meant to feed them at this age then all them generations that have done before were in the wrong and allot of what they say now if it was that bad we wouldnt even be here x

  • Yes and that's what I felt like saying to her but everyone was staring at me and I felt very victimised but she is a lot happier in herself if I thought for one minute I was harming my child I would not continue it but she enjoys it so why stop thank you for all your help makes me feel a lot better 

  • Hi I'm after some advice regarding giving my 19 week old son some baby rice in his last bottle  feed before bed to get him to sleep through, I have been told to just add one small scoop to his bottle and he will be ok. Is this good advice?


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